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COO & Founder - Raíces

Polymath - México
México City

About Raíces

Raíces is a company that brings quality, transparency, and trust to buying, remodeling, and selling a home in Latin America. Home ownership and home improvement are commonplace in the middle class and people yearn for a more professional service that helps them accomplish their dream for the perfect home. Brokers and builders lack the professionalism required to generate trust in users, market prices are opaque, and users lack experience and tools to make the right decisions. Raices is Polymath´s newest and first Mexican venture.


The COO will work alongside the CEO in building the company´s strategy and processes in the early stages, and managing the growth of the business far into the future. 

We are looking for a COO that is able to lead the business through the ambiguous and complex initial stages of the business. The COO will help carry the team from initial concept to full implementation, making sure all key components are in order (product-market fit, ops, human resource strategy, finance) for launch, as well as consistently iterating these areas in the acceleration stages of the company.

Once product market fit and the unit economics are proven, the COO will lead the operational side of the venture through the growth stages of the company, building the right team, expansion model, financial model, and operating model to achieve a scalable company in Mexico and beyond. 


  • 6+ years of relevant experience in operations
  • Incredible analytical horsepower
  • A track record of effective strategic thinking in business operations
  • Passion for helping people grow professionally
  • Flexible, quick thinking and learning
  • Great risk appetite
  • Strong leadership abilities
  • Commitment to growing a promising venture in Latin America
  • Complete fluency in English and Spanish



We work in a highly entrepreneurial environment, with the expectation that all parties involved take real financial risk to build a successful company and thus produce life-changing financial outcomes.

As opposed to building a company on your own, Founders receive salaries on day one. However, within the Polymath model, senior Founders are expected to take significant haircuts from their market salary. This is well-overcompensated for through substantial equity ownership in the business. Thus, should the business be successful (which we do everything in our power to accomplish together), the financial outcomes will be many times more than the financial risk taken. 

With regard to salary, this is true entrepreneurship. As such, Founders cannot expect market salary levels. The salary is paid from the venture’s budget, not from Polymath itself, so in order to increase the runway of the venture, salaries are lower in the first year of the business. However, salary levels increase quite substantially after each funding round (roughly each year, as the venture is more capitalize). After proving the business can work, salaries of C-levels substantially increase; so most of the risk lies in the first year of the business.

We realize this starting salary is well below market salary. But given the substantial levels of equity participation, and the need to give the business as much runway in the first year to prove success, this is the entrepreneurial reality. And after further rounds, the salary does go up to more reasonable levels, though will never reach full market salary (this is entrepreneurship and we want risk takers!)


  • 7 ventures launched since late 2012; 1 more to be launched in January next year
  • Over 250 people employed across the Polymath group
  • All ventures have raised external rounds of capital
  • Táximo, our first company, is now the largest taxi administration company in Colombia, and the founders have become Endeavor Entrepreneurs; the company has also opened an office in Peru.

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